Understand Addicts and the Effects of Addiction

Addiction is a rampant issue that affects individuals at all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Others fail to understand the cause or need of the addiction and they may consider the addicts morally inferior and lacking in willpower.

It is observed that drug or alcohol addiction affects a vast mass starting at a very tender age of 14 years. Addiction is actually a complex mental disease that World Health Organization (W.H.O) considers as the second most dangerous disease. This is the reason why a lot of rehab centres in India and several rehab centres in Mumbai have started to devise new strategies to control this rampant issue.

Addiction of any kind can have devastating effects not only on the addict but also the families. The capacity to lead a normal life is destroyed and the addict becomes isolated from the family and society. Such people must seek help from any of the popular rehab centres in India.